The Wesleyan “MEME” competencies were first developed Academic Affairs in AY2015-16. In AY2016-17, Academic Affairs met with Student Affairs to update the competencies so that they would work for both offices and both the academic and residential lives of our students. We invite all faculty and staff to use this four-part competency model as a heuristic to organize their work and assessment activities.

Mapping: The ability to examine the relationship of objects, concepts, subjects, and environments in the material and imagined worlds.

Expressing: The ability to express thoughts, ideas, and emotions to others effectively and concisely through a variety of mediums and modalities.

Mining: The ability to use logical and empirical reasoning and methods to explicate, analyze, and quantify our material and social reality.

Engaging: The ability to comprehend, appreciate, and negotiate human and cultural differences and the complexity of one’s own relation and accountability to wider sociohistorical dynamics.